American Cervid Alliance Releases New CWD Research Compilation


Current Scientific Knowledge About CWD

Good Morning Cervid Industry, 

   Below is a link to a new document titled "Current Scientific Knowledge About CWD" written by Drs. Don Davis, Kenneth Waldrup, Greg Stewart, and James Kroll. This watershed analysis of the research surrounding Chronic Wasting Disease epitomizes the most comprehensive assessment of the science, opinion, and conjecture to date.

   In an ongoing effort to keep the public apprised of the latest in scientific facts as they relate to Chronic Wasting Disease, the American Cervid Alliance has endorsed this scientific paper, which dispels much, of the mythology surrounding CWD. This well-prepared paper uses science-based facts to provide the reader with a clear view of what is known and not known about the disease; in contrast to the misinformation distributed by other organizations and anti-hunting affiliates which merely theorizes about CWD based on non-scientific opinions, theories, and beliefs to further a biased agenda.
   We welcome you to share this document with your legislators, wildlife or animal health officials, media outlets, and the general public to give a more accurate perspective about a disease that is affecting all segments of deer and elk populations.
   The ACA thanks the Texas Deer Association for their financial assistant in making this possible.

Click here to view               "Current Scientific Knowledge About CWD"              



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