Saskatchewan Cervid Alliance

     On April 2, 2011, sixty one industry supporters including elk and deer producers and hunting operations met in Saskatoon. They agreed unanimously to form a united group representing the cervid industry in Saskatchewan. Government has indicated they are willing to work with a united group to address opportunities and concerns of the industry.

     A nine person Board of Directors was elected including 4 elk producers, 3 deer producers, and 2 hunt industry representatives. A list of the directors and their contact information is on the back of this page. We are committed to working with and on behalf of cervid producers in Saskatchewan.

After much discussion, the Board of Directors has adopted and registered the name “Saskatchewan Cervid Alliance” (SCA), as this name most accurately describes who we are.

Two of our main goals include:
     - Promote and assist development and expansion of markets for cervid livestock and products.
     - Influence governments to ensure regulations and legislation promote the growth and sustainability of the industry.

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